USA Reported Crime Statistics

Stay informed and find out about crimes reported in your area using our free up-to-date crime reports tool. Stay in the know and stay safe.

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Our Mission

Your Safety

Our mission is to make your home and neighborhood safe from burglars and home invaders. We are working to achieve the same for all homes in all cities in America.

Crime Prevention

Knowledge is power. And part of achieving our mission relies heavily on informing you of where your property is most vulnerable and what you can do about it.

Crime Data

Our team has gathered and developed illustrations of crime data for all US cities. Some figures are common knowledge while others could surprise you.


As a full-blown attack on property crime, we have reviewed the security companies that we think are worth mentioning when it comes to affordable round-the-clock monitoring and home security technology.

Burglary Prevention Tips

A burglar's best bet is discretion, and motion activated lights are very effective at taking that away from them.

One-sided deadbolts have a keyhole on the inside but not on the outside, eliminating those odds for home invaders.

Mowing your lawn does not only improve your home's curb appeal, but it also gives the impression that it is occupied.

Safes protect your most important possessions against burglars, fires, and disasters.

Well-lit areas provide protection of themselves since they counteract the sense of anonymity that home invaders thrive on.

Monitoring services from home security companies are an affordable and efficient way of achieving true overall protection.

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