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Protect America has your back with plenty of door and window sensors securing your home

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Prices & Packages

A copious number of five monitoring packages make up Protect America’s round-the-clock professional security services, the most popular of which is the Silver package.

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Simon XT Control Panel
  • Door & Window Sensors (x3)
  • Yard Sign
  • 3 Window Decals
  • Motion Detector
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Mobile Access
  • Broadband or Cellular Upgrade ($)
  • Video ($)
  • Medical Emergency ($)
  • GPS Car Tracking ($)
  • $19.99/mo

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Simon XT Control Panel
  • Door & Window Sensors (x3)
  • Yard Sign
  • 3 Window Decals
  • Motion Detector
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Mobile Access
  • Broadband or Cellular Upgrade ($)
  • Video ($)
  • Medical Emergency ($)
  • GPS Car Tracking ($)
  • $37.99/mo

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Simon XT Control Panel
  • Door & Window Sensors (x3)
  • Yard Sign
  • 3 Window Decals
  • Motion Detector
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Mobile Access
  • Broadband or Cellular Upgrade ($)
  • Video ($)
  • Medical Emergency ($)
  • GPS Car Tracking ($)
  • $42.99/mo

About Protect America Security

Maryland homeowners can choose between five of Protect America’s home security packages. Similarly, their 24/7 professional monitoring service can run on one of three connection methods of your choice: landline, broadband, and cellular.

Monitoring Options


Landline connection types are more durable and they ensure that your home remains protected in areas of Maryland with slow Internet or weak cellular coverage. If you’re a money saver, a landline security package from Protect America can cost as little as $19.99 a month.


Four times faster than landline connections, Protect America promises a communication speed of about 2 seconds between your security system and their monitoring center with a broadband connection.


The most secure of the three connection types is the cellular option. It uses a cellular uplink to connect all your home security components to Protect America’s monitoring station through the central control panel. This means that no cables or wires are needed from the outside in, ensuring that your system remains up and running without interruptions, and giving burglars no phone lines to cut.

If home automation and being able to remotely access and control your system are a deal breaker for you, you can only enable them if you upgrade your alarm system to a landline or broadband connection.

Alarm Systems & Life Safety

Protect America’s alarm system is completely wireless and incredibly easy to install. With five monitoring packages to choose from within the cost range that you’re comfortable with, it’s easy to find a system with the combination of equipment you need to keep your home secure.

Maryland sees lots of crime each year but you can bring your chances of fallen victim to property crime by 33% if you install a formidable security system.

Alarm Equipment

Protect America provides Maryland homeowners with an alarm system that consists of a combination of a Simon XTI touchscreen, a Simon XT touchscreen, a Simon XT control panel, door and window sensors, security cameras, garage door sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, a mini PIN pad, a panic alarm, a key fob, an external siren, a yard sign, and burglar-deterring window stickers.

Life Safety Equipment

Life safety equipment constitute a monitored smoke detector, a panic pendant, and a carbon monoxide detector.

The smoke detector protects against two types of fires: the slow burning smoldering type, and the quick burning raging type. This is made possible by the photoelectric sensor built into the device, protecting your home against all fires sparked by any circumstance.

The medical panic pendant is perfect for seniors that need some sort of method to call for help as a last resort when no one’s around. Assisted living and caregivers are not preferred by most seniors and would rather live independently. Once pressed, it sends for an emergency response team to come right away. This panic button, wearable as a watch or pendant, can make independent living possible and safe for seniors. As well as for handicapped persons.

Carbon monoxide, fire, and smoke detectors are all beneficial to your finances and health. Having them encourages your homeowners’ insurance company to give you a discount of 5-20%. On the health front, high levels of carbon monoxide cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, damaged skin tissue, and can even lead to death. If at any point an alarm is triggered, a medical emergency team will be sent directly to your home.

Automotive & Driveway Protection

Driveway Sensor

The outermost line of defense for your home is the driveway, and Protect America has accommodated that need for Maryland homeowners with a driveway sensor. As soon as a car pulls up within 300 feet of your driveway, a chime will sound from your in-home receiver to notify you of the event. Pet-proof and weather-proof, the driveway sensor doesn’t sound a false alarm as it only triggers when a hefty sum of metal is detected within its range.

GPS Tracker

The second layer of vehicle-related protection is the GPS tracker for your car. It allows you to track the location of your vehicle at any point in time from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. It is compatible with most cars post-1996 with an ODB port. Call your Protect America representative to make sure the device works perfectly with your car.

Home Automation

No home security system is perfect but there are natural enhancements that can be made to make your home even more preventive of a burglary. Home automation opens the door for Maryland homeowners to control their lights, appliances, thermostat, locks, and all the security devices remotely with any web-enabled device that has the Protect America app.

The three main elements that make home automation from Protect America run smoothly are the SMART Connect app, the Yale Z-Wave door lock, and the Z-Wave appliance module. This is good news because most home automation devices and add-ons run primarily using Z-Wave hardware, rendering pairing with devices from other providers a possibility.

Apart from the security components themselves, controlling the lights, appliances, and motorized blinds makes your house look occupied and busy while you’re at work or away on a trip. A would-be burglar who’s driving by will think twice upon seeing any activity in your home, especially when lights are involved. You can even schedule the system using the app to automatically play busy with the lights and TV as a decoy for such purposes.

Simply streamline between different appliances, control the energy consumption of your home, arm/disarm your security system when need be, and make your Maryland home smarter and more efficient.

Protect America Features

FREE Mover’s Policy

Protect America sends a mover’s kit along with the security system in case you decide to move with your security system in the future.

Professional Installation

Protect America has earned the reputation of being one of the fastest installers for homeowners residing in any area in the country.

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

So long as you’re current on your monthly bills with Protect America, they will replace any faulty device for you.

100% Wireless Connection

Protect America’s cellular security system requires no drilling in the walls and make DIY installation effortless.

Protect America Benefits

$1,400 of Free Equipment

Calling Protect America right now can land you a dream deal of $1,400 in free equipment enough to secure all your doors and windows.

$5 for Peace of Mind

Get a control panel, 3 door & window sensors, 1 motion detector, 3 security stickers, 1 yard sign, and 24/7 monitoring for only $5 a week.

Save $199 on Installation

If you go for a DIY installation of your equipment, Protect America won’t charge you with installation fees.

Crime Stats in Havre De Grace, MD

Total Crimes in Havre De Grace, MD

The figures for total crimes committed in Havre De Grace, MD as retrieved from the FBI’s crime findings show a general in property and violent crimes throughout the period of to

All Crimes in Havre De Grace, MD

From to , Havre De Grace, MD saw an in All crimes.

Crime Types Percentage in Havre De Grace, MD

Generally speaking, property crimes are typically more frequent than violent crimes due to the harsher penalties enforced on violent criminal offenders. Since the beginning of to , Havre De Grace, MD

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