Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Home Security System

Confused about which system to get for your home? Ask yourself these 4 questions and you won't be.

1. Do You Rent or Own Your Home?

As a renter, a wireless system is what you need to protect your home, the reason being wireless systems are easy to install and move whenever you need to.

Homeowners have more options with all sorts of systems, whether they're wireless or wired. You can combine your current landline system with a cellular backup, adding a second layer of protection.

2. Do You Want a Professional or DIY Installation?

Home security set-ups that use only a cellular connection to operate are extremely easy to install and, therefore, don't require a professional to install them. This is important to note as installation costs can fall between $45.00 and $199.00, depending on the provider you choose. You can use that money instead for more security add-ons such as an extra motion detector, for example. However, a hardwired system will require running wires and cables in the walls to connect it to the monitoring center and operate it internally. If you're not experienced in this matter, an average of $99.00 in installation costs may be a worthwhile investment.

For movers, the style of installation will dictate how effortless moving can be. You need to remember that the contracts of most home security companies include a catch for movers. Wired systems especially have homeowners paying for a move or even a new monitoring plan with an extended contract term. All of this can be avoided by making sure that you understand all the terms related to moving from your provider. 

3. Do You Want Home Automation?

Convenience and safety are two needs that home automation meets when you have the ability to access and control your system remotely. Whether on a vacation or at work, you can program your lighting to switch on and off at preset periods throughout the day to give intruders the impression that the home is occupied and busy. For convenience's sake, you can set behavioral characteristics to your home security system such as adjusting the thermostat to a comfortable level and turning the lights on when you're within a certain distance from home.

4. Can You Afford to Have Security Cameras in the Mix?

As mentioned earlier, you can remotely watch your cameras' live or prerecorded broadcasts and keep an eye out for intruders. A camera system facilitates whom you want to grant access to when family members are at your door in situations where they have lost their keys or the like.

Cameras are an integral decider when it comes to both wireless and wired set-ups. Both kinds of cameras have shared and distinct advantages and drawbacks. To know which is right for you, refer to the first question.

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