9 Types of Surveillance Cameras

One of the major deterrents of crime are surveillance cameras but, as a homeowner, you should know what each camera has to offer so you can make an informed decision that best suits your home security needs.

Camera Types

Basic Security Camera

Basic or fixed security cameras don’t incorporate swerving, zooming, or tilting. They may have a good picture quality but they cannot be controlled to capture events outside the lens’s current frame unless moved physically by hand. Doorbell cameras can be classified as fixed cameras for the same reason.

For some of the best cameras in the business, check out Vivint's sleek looking equipment.

Pan & Tilt (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras

By emulating the human eye’s range of motion, the pan and tilt camera can capture anything within an 180-degree angle of sight. Some more advanced models can be activated to follow the motion of foreign objects above a certain weight class – to keep it pet-proof – and follows them as long as they remain in its line of sight. When part of a security system, these cameras provide that much-needed control in following and closing in on an ongoing burglary.

Monitronics has one of these under their HomeTouch Premier monitoring plan.

Wireless Camera
Wireless Indoor Camera

Connections to and from electronic devices are becoming more and more wireless as technology advances, but apart from eliminating unnecessary wires and cables, wireless connectivity serves three important purposes:

1. Installation is made super easy and nearly instantaneous with an instruction booklet.

2. If your security system is registered with a professional monitoring company, a signal transmitted via a cellular or broadband is sent faster than through a landline connection.

3. Burglars and home invaders won’t have any lines to cut if they plan to cut the feed.

Frontpoint is all about wirelessly connecting a home security systems through a cellular uplink for a quick and easy install. Visit our Frontpoint marketing page for insight on their recent offers. 

Night Vision Cameras

An absolute must with any security camera, night vision renders an infrared feedback image of dark corridors and other poorly lit areas surrounding the home. Poorly lit neighborhoods are more frequently attacked by burglars because of the many hiding spots that they offer.  If the presence of a camera does not deter a criminal, you can at least keep a visual record of the incident or even a facial description of the criminal.

All complete home security systems have night vision cameras. One of the best can be found with Protect America's Platinum monitoring plan for only $42.99 a month.

Outdoor Cameras

With weatherproof and night vision qualities, outdoor cameras encompass the pinnacle of what a security camera is supposed to do – keep a visual record of a break-in in the middle of any outdoor weather conditions.

If you want a camera recording the first line of defense in your home's outdoor vicinity, Protection 1's Video package allows you to incorporate a camera perfect for the job.

Motion Activated Cameras

Motion detection cameras can be found for indoor and outdoor use; the point of which is to only begin recording when the motion detector picks up on unusual activity within a certain radius. These useful devices work wonders with any home protection measure that you wish to take for your home. They save storage space because they only record a happening when the motion detector is triggered, and they send an alert to your phone along with a snapshot of what was captured in the frame.

Able to record 40 clips a month (way more than enough), Link Interactive's motion sensor camera comes complete with all other home security devices to protect your home. 

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams - sometimes referred to as covert cameras - are built to blend in with their environment to keep them hidden from plain sight. These are also great at capturing burglars under the impression that there is no camera facing their direction; it could make them feel comfortable enough to take off their masks and get caught. They also do a great job at capturing the activities of a nanny or babysitter doing something you didn’t sign up for.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras make for excellent indoor and outdoor situations because of the tamper-proof glass that protecting the lens. Their angle of sight can be a complete 360-degrees because of their pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.

To take advantage of a dome camera, ADT is one of the few home security system providers in the country with this option.

IP Camera

As discussed earlier with wireless cameras, IP cameras share the same style of installation, but ‘IP’ strictly refers to the camera being connected through a broadband or home network connection.

To get a combination of a number of these kinds of cameras, subscribe to a monitoring plan of one of our affiliated 24x7 monitoring professionals

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