5 FAQs About Choosing a Home Alarm

Burglar Scouting a Neighborhood

In a study conducted by the University of North Carolina which involved asking 422 convicted burglars about the factors that play into targeting a home, it was found that 83 percent of burglars checked to see if an alarm system was present on the property. 60 percent said they skipped homes that had security systems in place. 

In that same study, exactly half of the population reported that they would bail on the attempt if an alarm were to go off, 31 percent reported that it would depend on the situation, and 13 percent said they wouldn't leave the property. 

The main motivation behind a would-be burglar is the need to sustain a drug habit, and drug habits cost money. In the eyes of a burglar, your home is just a piggy bank waiting to be rigged. The problem with most homes? They are not protected!

The good news is the very best home security companies in the business offer very technologically advanced, modern-looking, and smart packages at prices suitable for all classes of homeowners.

Let's take a look at how a system executes complete home security in the fight against break-ins:

1. What Alarm Systems Are Capable Of

Home Alarm Equipment

As mentioned above, most burglars admittedly leave the premises when an alarm sounds off. That major deterrent is supported by motion detectors, glass break-in detectors, door, window, and garage sensors connected to the same control panel or main hub. Once a burglar triggers an alarm by picking a lock, breaking glass to a window, lifts a sash, or enters an armed room, the control hub will send a message to your phone and inform the nearest monitoring station (if you're subscribed to their services). As soon as your motion detector camera sends a snapshot to you of an intruder in your home, or a break-in detector sends an alert of glass shattering in your living room, you can then call the police for help.

2. Do You Want Professional Monitoring?

If you subscribe with one of the top companies, you can rest assured that someone with years of experience and tested protocol procedure is continuously on the look-out for break-ins. For an average cost of $0.60 to $2.00 a day - $20 to $60 a month - you can have round-the-clock monitoring professionals working to keep your home safe (their paid commissions depend on it). If anyone breaks into your home, you and the agent will be the first to know, only they will immediately call to make sure it's not a false alarm and summon law enforcement on your say-so.

3. Are There Contractors in Your Area?

You won't find a reputable home security company with reliable systems on every street corner, which is why the best ones grant contractors scattered nationwide authorization to sell their products so your area is not left unserviced. To find authorized contractors in your area, visit our contractor page for a list of businesses and their contact details. 

4. Do You Own or Rent?

The answer to this question primarily depends on the contract you have with your provider. Most contracts expire within 12 to 36 months, so you have to be in the know. If your contract expires in two years and you plan to move in one, you'll have to inform yourself of the leverage you have against that of your provider. Some of them will move all your equipment for free, others will charge you. Providers like ADT have specials for movers that involve signing a new contract, getting a discount on professional installation, and a discount on 24/7 professional monitoring.

5. How Is It Installed?

Another issue with moving is how easy or difficult it was to install your equipment the first time around. If your system is entirely wireless, you won't face any problems with relocating the gear. Wired systems can be tough to deal with, so they will often come with installation fees.

Owning your system outright will keep you stress-free because you'll get to keep it no matter what. All these details and more are included in the table of top home alarm companies below.

  FrontPoint ADT Protection 1 Protect America Vivint
Number of Packages 3 3 4 5 3
Cost Range of Professional Monitoring $34.99-$49.99/mo $36.99-$58.99/mo $34.99-$54.99/mo $19.99-$54.99/mo $39.99-$60.99/mo
Installation Costs $99.00 $99.00-$499.00 $99.00-$149.00 $199.00 $99.00-$399.00
The Maximum Total Cost of Ownership* $1,619.00 $2,159.64 $1,948.64 $2,178.64 $2,660.58
Length of Contract 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 5 Years
Return Policy 30 Days 180 Days 3 Days 14 Days 3 Days
Type of Connection Cellular Cellular & Landline Cellular Broadband, Cellular, & Landline Cellular
Warranty on Equipment 3 Years Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Type of Installation DIY Professional Professional DIY Professional
Brand of Home Automation Z-Wave Z-Wave & Nest Z-Wave Z-Wave Z-Wave, Nest, & Alexa

*These costs refer to the top premium monitoring packages inclusive of installation costs.

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